This is the sort of thing I find absolutely fascinating. Whenever I meet an author, or hear about someone who is outrageously successful, I always perk up my ears and try and see how they did it. These things are really inspiring—since I find myself in a similar situation, it’s encouraging to hear stories of how others have made their way to places I’d like to see myself someday. Thanks for clearing a path, friends. News

After moving from New York City to Chicago and getting married, Rachel Bertsche realized that her new life was missing one crucially important thing: a local best friend. So she decided to go on one friend date every week for a year, and she documented her quest on a blog at

But before Rachel even started the blog, the 27-year-old writer put together a book proposal based on her search for a local BFF, and successfully pitched it to agents, and then editors. She says, “After I sold the proposal, I decided to start a blog so that I could have a place to document my journey and some of the research I was finding. I also wanted to start building a community and to engage with readers.”

It’s now been over two years since Rachel first launched So did she accomplish her blogging goals?…

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    1. Thanks Leslie. I appreciate that. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, when you consider how many factors are involved in making a book successful, and I suppose I let it get the better of me when I should just focus on writing the best I can.


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