The Little Pleasures

I’m sure it’s been remarked upon before, but after setting down the proverbial pen for the evening, I realised that finishing a chapter of your book has to be one of the best feelings in the whole world. Probably only second to finishing the book itself, though getting published is probably up there too. But we’re straying from the point. Which is that I finished this chapter, and I feel pretty good.

Now, this wasn’t an ordinary chapter. This was a chapter I’d been working on for probably two months, and involved quite a lot of headache. It was a pivotal chapter and it needed careful attention. After consulting several authors and a magazine editor, and doing a lot of painstaking temple-rubbing through the early hours of the night, I finally finished it. And not just that–I finished it exactly the way I wanted to. It came together perfectly, and tied together all the previous chapters in one succinct sentence. That’s a good feeling right there. Hitting the enter key, leaning back in your chair, and feeling the rush of satisfaction from knowing that everything turned out the way you’d hoped it would.

Hopefully in the weeks to come I’ll have similar updates and can keep posting positive progress on my novel. Until then, I’m heading back into it, hoping the next chapter turns out as well.

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