Dat Der Social Media What’cha Callit

So the aspect of social media and its importance in the life of a modern author is gradually dawning on me. Well, not gradually, rather stalking me from the shadows, poking me in sensitive places when I’m not looking, reminding me of what I’m forgetting.

Which is difficult, because I don’t know very much about it, so it’s not so much forgetting as a driving, elusive, nagging sensation hovering over your head.

the original social networking: a pint of gin and a bevy of soiled Cuban doves
the original social networking: a pint of gin and a bevy of soiled Cuban doves

I’m going to a writer’s conference tomorrow evening to learn about social networking for writers. It’s being hosted by an online guru who specializes in helping promote author brands and marketing themselves to their audiences. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m hoping it will help expand my ideas on what’s possible with this whole process.

Generally for me the appeal behind being an author is being reclusive—being sequestered in my room, in my own world, with my thoughts and fantasies as I write and create. That’s nice. I don’t have to talk to any slack jawed idjits who can grasp the beauty of my ideas. At least that’s the line I pitch to myself. Really it’s just easier not dealing with people, but unfortunately for my hermit like tendencies, that’s not really an option.

I guess Tolkien got away with it, and bully for him, but that was then. This is now. This is Twitter and Facebook and WordPress and Goodreads and all the countless others. How do we manage?

The key lesson I’m learning as I read articles like this one over at Novel Publicity (which is an excellent resource, by the way, I highly recommend checking out their articles), is that all us authors face the same challenges, and the real solution is simply hiking up your skirt and getting dirty. It’s honestly not that bad. I mean, do you really hate talking about yourself that much? Really? 

Talking about myself is fun! I like sharing what I’m thinking. The part that gets me is feeling like I’m just sitting on the edge of a big empty well, looking down into the darkness and talking to myself, listening to the words echo off into oblivion. That no one is listening, no one cares, and that I’m wasting my time and efforts in the wrong direction.

That’s fixable though, that’s something we can work on. Because getting the words out there? That’s a start. Now we just need to find a direction. That’s where this class will come in handy tomorrow. I’ll get the chance to see where I should be putting my efforts, and hopefully have something to bring back here and share with you all.

It’s a learning process, but hey, I’m willing, and I know that with time and effort it will pay off. I’ll get my book published, you’ll get to read it, and we’ll all be one big happy dysfunctional social networking family.


  1. Google +, Linked In, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. It’s very overwhelming at times. I ended up connecting all of my social media sites to my blog, so a post on my blog hits all of them. It really streamlines the social media power. I get more use out of Twitter than the others, but it pays to connect them all. A nice, invisible web of marketing.


  2. Looking forward to hearing what you bring back! Social media has been the worst part of all this for me, so I hope you come back from the conference with some tips. Thanks for writing this!


  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Read the last blog post I reblogged here. Read this one. Posted by different writer/bloggers on the same day. Why do you blog? Has it distracted you from your writing? Is it something you enjoy? Or a necessary evil? What’s the connection between blogging and writing?


    1. it’s necessary, it’s good to stay connected with other writers and get out of your head, but it often feels like a chore. Even though I enjoy having done it, doing it is a hassle. I guess that’s how all writing usually feels to me though, so more of the same. It’s incredibly rewarding afterwards, and that’s enough incentive to get me through the hours of banging my head on the wall =)


  4. I don’t mind talking about myself, it’s not that. It’s more that I think, who the hell READS tweets. I don’t, I know. They’re mostly boring aphorisms or self-promotion (which is of course what I want twitter for myself!). Ditto facebook. I know we’re supposed to do stuff on social media, have a presence. But my question is, does anyone really want to know (that is, if you’re not Lady Gaga or Stephen King)?


  5. I get that the whole social media thing is necessary. But honestly I think, who the hell reads Twitter! I don’t. I know people do – I know people that do – but I can’t understand why, unless you’re interested in a celebrity or something.


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