How to Train Your Writer

So there’s a lot of great stuff out there for writers. I’m engaging the writing community much more these days as I’m preparing for the launch of my book trailer. There are so many resources available for people who want to get their work out there. The only tricky part is training yourself to take advantage of it all.

Leonid_Pasternak_-_The_Passion_of_creationIt’s still a long way to the elusive and much coveted “full time writer” position that we all crave so much. I found one insightful article written by Kameron Hurley, where she describes the climb to the top. Or the climb on the way to the top–she hasn’t quite quit her day job yet. It’s a great read for anyone considering becoming a professional author, and was helped give me a (somewhat daunting) perspective about what lies ahead.

I haven’t quit my day job yet, far from it. The W2s I got back for my book on Amazon leave something to be desired. But hey, it’s all part of the struggle! The journey is what matters, and all that.

Speaking of, the promo is still coming along, and though I’ll refrain from giving any more guesses as to when it will actually be finished, I’m confident it’s soon. The work is at the mercy of the editors at this point, and they’re irascible creatures that oughtn’t be prodded unduly.

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