The Slumbering Beast


I’m building a computer!

Computers have been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. Actually, I can remember. I was probably a year or two old, and I would sit on my dad’s lap and play “Their Finest Hour”, a World War II flight simulator. Dad would fly the plane, and I’d press the spacebar and shoot down the Gerries. I’ve been hooked since then, and earlier this year I built my first computer. It’s a beast of a machine, I loved building it and learned a ton, and now I’m building another one!

My dad liked my machine so much he asked me to build one for him. He’s a gamer too–or he was, he hasn’t gamed a lot recently, but that’s no reason not to get the best gaming equipment available, right? So I loaded him up and went waaaaay overboard on the components, but it’s still fun to build.

IMG_20160823_201939Which, segues into my next idea: becoming a vlogger. As many of you know, I’m stressed about work these days. I work at a national TV station, and while I love my job and appreciate the position, it’s not what I’m passionate about. I like being creative, and there’s not much opportunity to “create” when you’re reporting the news. It’s pretty much just finding and relaying the facts, as they are. Which is definitely important, but it’s not where my heart is. So I’ve been trying to find ways to be creative and also make a living. Writing and working on my book is one of those ways. But I’ve recently discovered that vlogging can also be a great opportunity to simultaneously create, and make a living.

That’s where the two passions come together. The idea began when I first started researching how to build a computer. There are a number of really great video bloggers out there, who make YouTube videos all about computers–every aspect you can imagine. Well, those were incredibly helpful, and I ended up really liking the people who were making the videos, and feeling like I was a part of their life, in some small way, because I got to peek inside and see what they were doing. Well, I enjoyed that a lot, and thought it’d be fun to create that for other people by making some videos myself.

IMG_20160823_223727So, for this computer building project, I’m also filming it and making my very first vlog! It’s exciting, and kind of scary–you’re putting yourself out there, even to as tiny an audience as I expect this first video will find–and you don’t want to sound stupid or come off pretentious… I just want to make a how-to video for other people out there who like computers and want to build their own like I did.

So from here, I’m hoping to expand that vlogging, and get into other hobbies I have–snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, violin, and even travel. Having a successful travel vlog would be a dream come true! So I’m starting today–right now–and working to build a following so that I can follow my dream and get paid to travel the world.

And build computers.











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