Work and Jobs

“Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.”
― A.A. Milne

Well, here I go. Another day, and off to the world outside my door. Being an author can be tedious from a practical point of view—you can’t exactly pay the utilities with promises and chapter synopses. But the day goes by fast, and I’ll be back here to start my real job soon enough. The day is only begun, and already it’s full. What a wonderful feeling, just to be doing.


  1. I don’t think being an author/writer should necessarily be considered a “job.” I’d like to think of it more like a calling from the universe that one is fulfilling. =)


    1. haha, it sure feels like a job sometimes. After spending hours pondering a certain passage, or deliberating on how to bring an event together and working through a headache, it feels more like a chore than a passion. But passion is what keeps you coming back, so I agree with you Leslie. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


      1. It starts to feel like a job for me during the rewrite and editing process. That’s when I get the love-hate relationship with whatever I’m writing 🙂


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