Saturday Morning

I’ve been having trouble sleeping all week, waking up early for interviews and for work. “Early” is a relative term, I stay up until 2 or 3 most nights, so anything before 10 AM is pretty early for me. In any case, Saturday morning, no work, and of course I’m up at 8:30. Lying in … More Saturday Morning


So it’s time to kick it into high gear. The steam has been building over the last few months, and it’s finally coming to a head. Is that the right term for steam? Well it’s getting pretty intense, anyways. I’m finding heaps of new motivation and energy where work is concerned, and getting things done … More Overdrive

The Next Post

I’m having a heck of a time getting back into the swing of novel writing. I’ve done alright getting back into this site, but writing on here is so much easier than novel writing, for obvious reasons. There’s no plot here. I can say whatever comes to mind, and generally it turns out ok. There … More The Next Post

Hope Springs Eternal

Jon Katz over at Bedlam Farm usually has interesting things to say about the life of a farmer, and often the life of a writer. He’s carved quite a niche for himself and gathered a serious following after starting his website and publishing a few books. He reminds me of a modern day James Herriot, for … More Hope Springs Eternal


“A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts. He needs to constantly prove to himself and the others that he’s worth something. And if I know for sure that I’m a genius? Why write then? What the hell for?” – Stalker Stalker was a 1979 movie by Andrey Tarkovskiy that really stretches conventions in its … More Stalker

Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers

Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers. This is a fantastic read. The points are short and easily digestible, but are fundamental to being a good writer, to writing compelling stories that people want to read. This sums up everything more concisely than five years at university and more creative writing classes and stories than I … More Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers