one further thought

jk6R79G…before I punch out for the day, I’d like to add a shout out to the page spamming attention monkeys who go through all the new posts hitting “like” in a desperate attempt to generate page views for themselves. I see what you’re doing there. That is all.


  1. It’s especially annoying when I post something that takes me 5-10 minutes to read, and I have a “like” within the first few seconds.

    At one point I switched off the option to “like” and to leave comments.

    Ultimately, it just hurts the people who actually do care and are interested in what is posted.

    So, I resolved to not worry about it too much. Life is too short.

    One thing I do is to ignore likes from new people until they leave a comment. Even then, you can tell when it’s a generic comment, so I might wait until I know for sure they are actually reading what I’m doing before checking them out.

    One other thing. Some subscribe for the same reason . . . I have 170 subscribers or so, but only get 10-15 visitors per day. Some subscribe, and then never visit the site again.

    I don’t get the idea of “soliciting” views. If the posts are good, they will attract attention. if they are not, “calling” people over to see/read crap will just piss them off. At least that’s my thinking on it.

    . . . I was going to “like” the post, but I figure I better not.


    1. Absolutely. I generally go through and read a lot of the new posts, and usually leave comments. It’s annoying to see that someone has already “read” the post fifteen seconds after it’s been posted, as well as going on to “read” the next three dozen posts. Including my own.


  2. Just had to ‘like’ your comment. I’m the same way: I usually leave a comment if I’ve read something and really like it. The blanket ‘likes’ are annoying because it makes it hard to tell who’s really interested in the topic and deserves a response, and who’s just fishing for readers. As far as I’m concerned, if you have to resort to these tactics to get attention, you probably have nothing worth saying and shouldn’t be blogging. And I want you to know I do like your posts, but I don’t always hit the ‘like’ button if I’m busy & in a hurry!


    1. hahah well I resort to reading all the new posts and leaving comments to draw readers to my page, but I actually read the article and enjoy leaving feedback, I’ve met quite a few interesting and fun people that way. And thank you for coming by my site, I appreciate the spirit that brings you here and your kind words =)


  3. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Hi! I’m over here from Maddie’s blog. Her and I are friends. Online only, but friends none the less. Maddie has good taste! But, I am going to have to task her on one thing. She never said how good looking you are! Boy, she was holding back! 😉
    I read your one and only poem also. For not being a poet I was impressed. Of course I royally suck at poetry myself. ha! Anyway, off to read a bit more and then probably follow. Can’t have Maddie having you all to herself. 🙂 (I tease, you really are a good writer)


    1. Thanks Jackie! Maddie sure is a great person to have as a friend, and an excellent writer, even if she insists she only writes fuzzy pink stuff. Thank you for your generous feedback, it makes it worthwhile being a writer to know that your pieces are being read and enjoyed =) Where in Canada do you live? I lived in Toronto for a while.


      1. I live near Calgary. I’m originally from the the states, but have been in Canada for a while now. Yes, Maddie is a good writer, just wish she believed that herself.


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