So I went up to Newport Beach yesterday to help a buddy set up his store. He’s got a pretty cool shop that he’s preparing to become an exotic car dealership. I know he already has forty-something cars, Ferraris and Mercedes and probably some Lamborghinis or something, I don’t even know. In any case, I spent the afternoon arranging little toy cars in display cases around the front desk. Apparently those cars are worth a ton of money. These are little Hot Wheels sized cars that were upwards of a thousand freaking dollars. Just for a little tiny piece of plastic! I guess they’re part of the pastiche of collectordom and depending on who drove the real car and when, their value is determined.

321373_10101287867704693_351873863_nWell I found a car I really liked, the Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond movie Goldfinger, and I got to take it home. I’m not sure how much it’s worth, but you can completely take it apart and it has an ejector seat and machine guns behind the tail lights and a bulletproof shield that springs up at the push of a button behind the rear window. I’m not sure if that was a standard feature on all Aston Martins at the time, but it should have been. Maybe someday I’ll own a DB5 for reals, but even if I don’t, I couldn’t park it on my desk and imagine beefy Chinamen throwing bowler hats at me all day.


  1. What a cool way to spend a day. Years ago, my husband and our son collected Hot Wheels together. We spent quite a bit of time in flea markets and antique stores searching for the cars. Eventually, most of their collection was sold for a tidy profit.

    They had a few 1:18 scale Hot Wheels Collectibles. One was a Dodge Charger. It was sold on eBay, and the fellas who bought it were delighted. Here is the car we sold:

    They beat the snot out of that car, and look what they did to it:

    Isn’t that the coolest! 🙂


      1. Over the years, we found a lot of interesting items. We happened upon eBay shortly after it was started, and we rode the crest of high-priced items for quite a few years before everyone and his brother also started selling there. Our 10-year-old son was turning 50-cent California raisins from garage sales into $75-$300 sales on eBay. It was pretty crazy.

        I like the style of license plate on the Aston Martin. My nephew has this style on the front of his car, but must keep the state plate on the back. Still, it looks pretty cool.


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