all we wanna do is share

isn’t that the point? As writers, singers, actors, musicians—all we wanna do is share what we feel, what’s going on in our heads, what we feel that can’t be expressed in any other way.

I was just watching Smash, and this girl got up and started singing in the middle of this crowded room at a party. Everyone gathered around and was listening and nodding their heads. Obviously this is just a show, and they’re actors, but that’s not the point.

p159-1-jpgThey’re doing that because that’s what real people would do. At least, that’s what I’d do. When I see someone expressing that ineffable thing inside, a street artist making a painting, a musician in a crowded subway, just someone putting themselves out there and exposing that raw, tingling nerve that vibrates to that unknown chord of humanity that we all share.

It’s something magical, and it’s something we all have, and that’s what so wonderful. I love that. I love sharing that. I love feeling it. What an incredible gift we have, to be able to share that feeling, or even just a tiny piece of it, with others. To make others hear that singing that only we hear, to see the colours that only we see, to live in the world that only we know about.


  1. It really is magical…first that we can see or hear it ourselves, and that then, through our artistic medium, we can portray that vision to others. And just think: if a song is recorded or a book is printed or a painting is preserved, people might be experiencing that vision for years and years– even centuries after us!


  2. I totally agree that the point is sharing. When you talked about a musician in the subway it made me think of the people I see busking on the tube. So often, people don’t stop – which I think is a real shame. I don’t know if it’s different in San Diego, but in London it’s either that people are hurrying to catching their train and think they don’t have time. Or perhaps it that they don’t realise that this person just wants to share their musical soul – they hurry by because they think something is being asked of them (money) rather than what is actually being asked: listen, please!


  3. I’ve always admired performance artists because of their ability to get up on tables and sing. That would terrify me. But writing and sharing on paper…that just seems so natural that I never really think of it as the same thing.


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