Measuring the Wind

Well, it finally happened. Last week actually, but it’s taken some time to get used to the idea. I’m still getting  used to it. After months of running about and applying for positions around town with my hat in my hand, I finally landed a job as a writer at a TV station. It’s not … More Measuring the Wind


I had a simple thought tonight, as I stepped out of the shower. I thought about where I wanted to be, with my job, with my career, with my book. And then I thought, “Well that’s all lovely, but what have you done today to get closer to that?” So I thought about everything I’d … More Steps

art is everywhere

I think as artists we see the world differently. I mean, this isn’t a revelation. It’s well established. But there’s something to it that goes unnoticed by almost everyone as they go about their daily lives. I noticed it the other day when I was visiting family. My grandfather has always been an avid sports … More art is everywhere

Go, Create, Write

“There’s a natural human tendency to lean on and repeat that which we do well. This is okay if we’re cranking out donuts or widgets. But as self-anointed creative artists, our daily joy and progress rest on our ability to jump beyond our safety. Look steadily and imaginatively at the blah in front of you. … More Go, Create, Write