keeping up with my joneses

Hey folks! Been a while. Heard that one before? Well let me catch you up to speed, then hopefully get the ball rolling for some more posts as I get back in the saddle. 

sov 4.1The biggest news since February, is that the book has been published. Finally! “The Sovereign” is now officially a thing you can buy, own, read, cherish, loathe, and contemplate suspiciously from your bookshelf or Kindle, whichever pleases you more. It’s over on Amazon, right here, and I am pleased to report that although getting it off the ground is as much a challenge as I anticipated, reception is generally warm. I spoke at a book signing event at a local San Diego bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, and had a lot of fun getting the process figured out. After working on the book for seven years, talking about it like it’s a real thing with other people is a strange experience, to say the least. 

Part of me half expected this to remain firmly in the realm of dreams. But I’ve made it a reality, with the help of many people, and now that the experience is taking on a life of its own, I find I’m not fully prepared to accept the idea that I have, in fact, written a book (!!). Imagine waking up from a dream one night, then handing a copy of your dream to someone and being like, “Here, read this.” It would be strange for both of you! 

So I’m coming to grips with that, and the reality that writing the second book in the series is also going to take some serious commitment and time, which is in very, very short supply these days.

20140611_103302Which brings me to another point in my story. Since February, I quit working at my old local news station, and I’ve begun working at a new national TV station. Not only that, but I’m also an anchor now. I report and anchor on the weekends, and the three hours that I’m up on the desk are definitely not what I expected. You’re there alone, but at the same time you’re not, and it’s a bizarre feeling to wrap your head around. I’m still not entirely certain I like the experience, though it’s not without reward. 

Now we’re moving into the fall, and I’m desperately trying to rework my schedule to give myself more time to write, to read, and to work on the social media side of my book. I generally have less than an hour of free time a day, and doing more work is the last thing I want to do when I get home, but it’s not getting done otherwise. So here’s to making an earnest effort, and hopefully getting back into the swing of things.

Writing is fun, writing is exciting, and I want to have more time for that in my life. 


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  1. I suggest you apply the 80/20 rule to your daily routine. 20% of your daily routine will produce the best 80% rewards for you.

    You’ll know what to eliminate, so you could focus on your writing.

    Best regards.


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