Three Hours of Tibetan Monks Chanting

That’s what I’m listening to right now. 

It’s pretty relaxing. I’ve been on a bit of an eastern culture kick recently, and it’s appealing to that exotic, oriental mystery that’s always seemed like it would be a good idea to explore with a journey to Bhutan or Nepal or Tibet someday.

Sooner rather than later, if I have a choice. So much to see!

Well it’s a new year, and lots of exciting things are happening.

First of all, I’m very close to having my very own book trailer for The Sovereign, which is absolutely the most thrilling thing I can imagine. But let me explain.

It all goes back to my birthday back in October. In an odd twist of traditions, I gave a copy of my book to my boss, the owner of the TV station. He was delighted, and asked me all sorts of questions about it. Finally, as he was turning it over in his hands, he asked quietly, “So, how are you marketing this?”

I replied that I was advertising on Amazon and on Facebook, and plugging it every chance I got on my blog and my Twitter and on Instagram.

He nodded, sagely, though didn’t seem impressed. He flipped through a few more pages and then set it down, eyeing me over the top of his desk.

“Well,” he began portentously. “Why do you take this to the video editors downstairs, and let’s make you an advertisement.”

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say.

“And then we’ll run it on the station for you, and see if that helps you out.”

I stuttered through some profuse thank yous and tried to express a gratitude that didn’t seem real. What had just happened? Why was this happening? Was I dreaming? I walked out of his office and I felt elated. I literally jumped up in the air and kicked my heels together.

Our station, although it’s only a year and a half old, airs in nearly twenty-million homes across the nation. If my advertisement, or “promo” as we call them, reaches half of those people–a quarter, or even a hundredth of those people–that could be the catalyst I need to get my book off the ground and really take off. Fingers crossed, this could be what I need to leap into the world of becoming a full time, professional author. And then I’m outta here! See ya San Diego! I’ll trade these sunny beaches for a solitary cabin in the woods with lots of rain and no one around for miles. Except my cats. I want cats. I’ve been living in the city too long, and I miss my forests and murmuring trees and the call of the whippoorwill.

But that’s putting the horse before the cart.

The first costume pieces to arrive! Couldn't wait to try them on.
The first costume pieces to arrive! Couldn’t wait to try them on.

I’m truly grateful and appreciative of all the opportunities I’ve had here in this city in the sun, and don’t regret a minute of it. I’m just looking forward to a change of scenery, and some peace and quiet.

Back to the promo, I’m just days away from beginning filming. I’ve written the script, gone over a few drafts, and ordered the costume pieces I’ll need to start putting it together. Everyone at the station is pretty excited, it’s a big change of pace from the things we usually film, and I cannot wait to see it come to life.

So that’s the big news on this side, and I’ll certainly share more as we go. I’m hoping to make a “behind the scenes” video, showing how it’s made and use that to help promote it online.

Life is really full of wonderful twists and turns, and if you’re brave enough to put your energy into what you love, good things will always follow.

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