Pleading for Wallace

The titles always come from some spur of the moment inspiration. This is from a number of things, but I’m listening to the soundtrack from Braveheart right now, and this is one of the song titles, which also fits with the subject of the featured photo.

So, a little update on how everything’s going.

a little inspiration from papa
a little inspiration from the man himself

I was building up a pretty good head of steam on my book promo, all the props and costumes had arrived and I was getting ready to start filming, when a minor disaster struck and we had to pull the plug on the whole thing. The details are irrelevant, but suffice it to say it was a pretty rough week. Fortunately, after reworking the entire script and giving the storyboards an overhaul, we were able to get the promo back on track. I’ve never been more relieved and excited. It was a pretty rough week, but I’ve spent the weekend working on filming around the area and getting some good pieces together for the promo.

I finished up this afternoon at a local beach here in La Jolla, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out. I don’t have all the necessary equipment on hand and trying to get sweeping shots and keep the camera steady was a pretty challenging feat, to say the least. I’ve reviewed the footage and it’s a little shaky in places, but I’m hoping some post-editing work can clear that up. If not, the shots we can use will be limited, but will still look pretty fantastic. The picture above is a screen capture from one of the best sequences, and I’m really looking forward to getting into the editing studio this week and seeing what we can make with them.

The goal is to have it finished by this Friday, which means my book will be advertised on television across the nation. I’m so stoked it’s hard to believe. I can’t get my head around it sometimes, but I think and hope this will be the opportunity I need to get me off the ground and into the world of being a full-time, professional author.

I really have no expectations for how this is going to turn out. It’s really not about selling a ton of copies, although of course that would be stupendous. It’s really just about getting word about The Sovereign out there, and getting people aware of it. Who knows what could happen from there. Hopefully good things.

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