California Sunrise


It’s all done! The project is complete. I know I said that last time, but this time I’m talking about the video! The vlog is up and running! You can check it out in all its hour-and-a-half glory right here on the YouTubes.  It took about 18 hours to edit and put together, all told, but it was worth it. My journey into vlogdom has begun! For better or worse… Now you have to watch me, instead of just read my words, muahaha… It’s obviously all about my computer build, but since I only build computers every now and then, the majority of my videos will be on other stuff–travel mostly, I imagine / hope.

Speaking of! It’s the eve of the eve of my trip! Tomorrow is my last day here, before I fly off to Ukraine! I’m beyond stoked. I haven’t left the country in 6 years, and that’s frankly far, far too long. I’m still doing oodles and oodles of research, and haven’t come close to finishing all the books I bought for research. I’m hoping I can get a few of them started or out of the way at least on the way over there, plus a little video editing on the side.

I’ll be there in four days.

That’s about it, as far as updates go. I’m filming the first part of my project for Christian LeBlanc’s #Iamteamgetlost competition, which I probably won’t upload until mid-October since I’ll be filming various parts of it all along the way. It’s going to be a challenge. I want to include as many places and cities in it as I can, and I have some cool ideas, but I really want to win and have him share the benefit of his experience on YouTube with me.

There’s so much out there I want to see. My heart is pulling me outward in every direction, the pull is stronger every day, and every day I don’t go and I stay doing what I’m doing now, a little piece of me feels like I’m dying. I look at the mountains of Tibet, and my soul screams to be there, I’ve never had my heart ache like this for anything but love, and I know if I don’t go, if I don’t do it now… they may bury me when I’m 80, but I’ll have died at 30.

So here’s to adventures, friends. Here’s to doing what makes you breathe.




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