It Adds Up

Another month! Phew! Wow that went by fast. It’s been a full month, to be sure, but I still wish I’d made a little more effort updating this site. It doesn’t take long! Honestly. Fifteen minutes or less and I’m done. But in any case, I did manage to squeeze out nearly 2,000 words on … More It Adds Up

Day by Day

As promised, a further update. I’ve not gotten nearly as far as I would have liked on my book the past few weeks, but this month has been a lot busier than usual. It’s fairly easy to let the days slip by, and the thought that one day doesn’t really make a difference adds up … More Day by Day

A Game of Drones

Of the many challenges I’ve faced as an writer, perhaps the greatest has been merging my love of classical literature with contemporary writing styles. I don’t like modern books. That’s all there is to it. Have I read them all? Of course not, so I can’t say that this is true across the board. But … More A Game of Drones