It Adds Up

Another month! Phew! Wow that went by fast. It’s been a full month, to be sure, but I still wish I’d made a little more effort updating this site. It doesn’t take long! Honestly. Fifteen minutes or less and I’m done. But in any case, I did manage to squeeze out nearly 2,000 words on … More It Adds Up

Day by Day

As promised, a further update. I’ve not gotten nearly as far as I would have liked on my book the past few weeks, but this month has been a lot busier than usual. It’s fairly easy to let the days slip by, and the thought that one day doesn’t really make a difference adds up … More Day by Day

Shaping Characters

It’s been a pretty busy week, but I managed to set some time aside and really dig back into my novel. The last two days I’ve spent pondering my book and the setting, thinking about the characters, and making plans for events which will unfold later in the book. I managed to come up with … More Shaping Characters