Guerrilla Marketing

I read a really interesting article by author Mark McGuinness, in which he lays out a pretty straightforward approach to internet marketing. It’s not the easiest thing to follow through with, but if you take the time there’s really no reason you can’t do everything on the list. Most of it is just time consuming, … More Guerrilla Marketing

Pleading for Wallace

The titles always come from some spur of the moment inspiration. This is from a number of things, but I’m listening to the soundtrack from Braveheart right now, and this is one of the song titles, which also fits with the subject of the featured photo. So, a little update on how everything’s going. I … More Pleading for Wallace


In the post editing euphoria, things have calmed down around here somewhat. Not necessarily a relaxing calm, but more like the waiting-for-the-tornado-to-touch-down-on-top-of-your-living-room kind of calm. It’s peaceful. I’ve sent the manuscript to several agents, and in the 4-6 week turn around time there’s been a lot of nail biting and sitting on the edge of … More Persistence

The Process

So after that last post, on the recommendation of others I took about a month hiatus from working on the novel to give myself some perspective and see what came of it. Well, the month passed and I got back on track and I’ve spent about the last two weeks editing my manuscript like crazy. … More The Process

Six Years in Review

So… It’s done. The book is done. Or manuscript, rather. I suppose I’m not supposed to call it a book, or a novel yet. But, I mean, that’s what it is to me. It’s my novel. And I’ve finished it. Finally. The culmination of six years of work and research and late nights and early … More Six Years in Review