The Process

So after that last post, on the recommendation of others I took about a month hiatus from working on the novel to give myself some perspective and see what came of it. Well, the month passed and I got back on track and I’ve spent about the last two weeks editing my manuscript like crazy. … More The Process

The Next Post

I’m having a heck of a time getting back into the swing of novel writing. I’ve done alright getting back into this site, but writing on here is so much easier than novel writing, for obvious reasons. There’s no plot here. I can say whatever comes to mind, and generally it turns out ok. There … More The Next Post

Go, Create, Write

“There’s a natural human tendency to lean on and repeat that which we do well. This is okay if we’re cranking out donuts or widgets. But as self-anointed creative artists, our daily joy and progress rest on our ability to jump beyond our safety. Look steadily and imaginatively at the blah in front of you. … More Go, Create, Write

The New Writer

Jon Katz over at Bedlam Farm posted an interesting article about the new world of writing. It seems like everyone these days, including myself, is struggling with the idea of what the writing world is becoming. As writers—i.e., people who subsist on attracting the attention of others—changing media formats can be a frightening prospect. We live and … More The New Writer

Your Daily Bread

 “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ~ Thomas Mann Man, I’m glad someone said it. That’s usually my own opinion of the art most days, though reading it afterwards I can tell it isn’t true. I like my own work, I think I do a … More Your Daily Bread