Saturday Morning

I’ve been having trouble sleeping all week, waking up early for interviews and for work. “Early” is a relative term, I stay up until 2 or 3 most nights, so anything before 10 AM is pretty early for me. In any case, Saturday morning, no work, and of course I’m up at 8:30. Lying in … More Saturday Morning


So it’s time to kick it into high gear. The steam has been building over the last few months, and it’s finally coming to a head. Is that the right term for steam? Well it’s getting pretty intense, anyways. I’m finding heaps of new motivation and energy where work is concerned, and getting things done … More Overdrive

art is everywhere

I think as artists we see the world differently. I mean, this isn’t a revelation. It’s well established. But there’s something to it that goes unnoticed by almost everyone as they go about their daily lives. I noticed it the other day when I was visiting family. My grandfather has always been an avid sports … More art is everywhere

Outside Your Door

There was an interesting article¬†over on Futurebook I read this evening about the changing nature of publishing. I’m sure it’s not anything surprising to anyone who’s in the know these days, which—if you’re online—is pretty much everyone. We all know how traditional publishing is being swept aside in favour of e-publishing and e-books and the … More Outside Your Door

Hope Springs Eternal

Jon Katz over at Bedlam Farm¬†usually has interesting things to say about the life of a farmer, and often the life of a writer. He’s carved quite a niche for himself and gathered a serious following after starting his website and publishing a few books. He reminds me of a modern day James Herriot, for … More Hope Springs Eternal

Shaping Characters

It’s been a pretty busy week, but I managed to set some time aside and really dig back into my novel. The last two days I’ve spent pondering my book and the setting, thinking about the characters, and making plans for events which will unfold later in the book. I managed to come up with … More Shaping Characters